What is your policy on same-sex weddings?

We affirm our commitment to acceptance, diversity and inclusion.  We welcome all loving couples regardless of sexual orientation, color or creed.

How can we make our wedding more eco-friendly?                                       Please refer to our Sustainability tab on our website.

Firearms of any kind are prohibited on the property.  

What is your policy regarding firearms?                                

Can the rooms in the Season House be reserved for the wedding party or guests?


Yes. In fact, when you pay your deposit, the Season House rooms are held, in case your family and friends wish to book a room for the weekend! The marrying couple decides who may stay in the Season House and in which rooms they stay. Friends and family who stay in the Season House sometimes pay for their own rooms since these rooms are not included in the price of the wedding packages.

Can we visit the Pump House throughout our wedding planning process?

Sure! Please just be sure to give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment so we can be expecting you! During the wedding season, weekdays and Sunday afternoons are the best time to visit due to our busy weekend event schedule.

What is the procedure for Sunday Weddings?

Our cleaning staff comes Sunday morning and begins cleaning the reception halls first so that the Sunday wedding party can begin setting up around noon as the Saturday wedding party is leaving. Once the reception spaces are clean, the suites will be cleaned while the wedding party sets up and decorates. Rooms only available after 3pm. Sunday weddings start late afternoon and can go as late as you'd like Sunday night.

Is the Pump House climate-controlled?

For the warmer months: The Celebration Hall has AC. The Brick Barn Hall does not have AC, but does have 3 powerful fans. Since the reception halls are well-insulated by their thick brick walls, they stay relatively cool during the summer, especially at night. All of our guest accommodations have AC.

For the colder months: The Celebration Hall is heated by a heat pump and a wood stove. The Brick Barn Hall is heated with large patio heaters that work well if the temperature is around 35-40 degrees or higher. We have used the space in November comfortably. The Catawissa and Studio Cabins are heated by heat pumps and wood stoves and the Season House Rooms are all equipped with heat pumps, although we usually winterize the property in the dead of winter.

What is the back up plan if it rains on the day of my outdoor wedding?

In the event of rain the Studio Hall provides a lovely backdrop for your your ceremony.

What furniture and other items do you have on-site?

We have a variety of chairs and tables available for your ceremony and reception. Our inventory includes:

  • 130 vintage natural oak chairs for the ceremony 

  • 190 vintage natural wooden chairs for the halls

  • 18 hand made wooden farm tables ( 8'x 34") seats 8-10 plus a 6' sweetheart table to match

  • 10 (8'x30") rectangular plastic banquet tables  seats 8

  • 6 (6') handmade wooden benches

  • miscellaneous antique chairs and small tables

        In addition, we offer the following accoutrements:  

  • a golf cart for assisting guests who cannot walk longer distances

  • 1 small PA system

  • 1 solar generator (to power PA system or other devices of your choosing)

  • 6 propane patio heaters for use in cooler weather

  • 4 industrial floor fans for use in warm weather

  • foosball table and, ping pong table (great for cocktail hour activities)

  • 2 Canopy tents ranging in size 10 X 10 - 10 X 15

Do the reception spaces have restrooms?

Yes, there are 4 public restrooms: one in the Studio Hall, and one freestanding "outhouse” 2 in the bathhouse and 1 public shower (Not to worry, all restrooms are fully equipped with modern plumbing and amenities!)

How do I book my date?

Pump House Weddings operates on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have chosen us as your venue, please call us to let us know that you wish to book your specific date. If it is available, Doug will pencil you into our calendar. Once we receive your contract and deposit, we will write you in the book in ink. If your deposit is not received within 10 days, the date will be released to another wedding party.

Can you recommend any vendors for our wedding needs?

At the Pump House, you are free to hire the vendors of your choosing for all of your wedding essentials. However, we have compiled a list of local vendors we have previously worked with if you need a starting point! See the 'Vendors' tab at the top of our webpage. We strongly recommend that you explore all of your options to find the perfect vendors for your big day. 

Is there tax on the wedding package?

Yes; we are obligated to collect 6% sales tax and a 3% hotel tax on the cabin portion of the wedding package.

Do you have floor plans of the reception halls for planning purposes?

We do have architectural drawings available with several sample seating arrangements for a variety of different sized weddings. Download the floor plans.