The Blind Pig Kitchen 

"We source ingredients from local farms using organic farming methods without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The meat we procure comes from animals that have been raised humanely outdoors and without the use of antibiotics or added hormones."

(570) 784-2656



Ard's Farm

Locally-grown, gourmet, farm-to-table cuisine.

(570) 534-9820




The Epicurean Delight

"We are a family run company with family members watching over and participating in every minute detail of food taste, presentation and service of your wedding.We have herbs and flowers grown just for us, we use local farmers and meat purveyors. We are always learning and growing, always introducing cutting edge ideas. We have surrounded ourselves with quality vendors, tent companies, linen companies, wedding planners, musicians, photographers, and etc. to create the perfect ambience for you."

(570) 388-2911


Chef Hosch and Ann Catering

"Chef Hosch has specialized in healthy cooking for the past twenty years with emphasis on exceptional flavors for all, including special diets. Ann has owned her own business as well as worked as head cook at a summer camp and a baker at a technical college. She knows her way around the kitchen and assists with food preparation as well as making sure the catering details of your event are carried out as planned."

(570) 850-9843



Mayberry Hospitality

"Mayberry Catering is your “one-stop-shop” for off-premise catered events. We are a custom catering company with over 25 years of experience, and serve both the social and corporate market segments. We are a “scratch” kitchen, supporting sustainability by sourcing the freshest ingredients available locally, while also teaming with some of the leading food service providers to give you a global reach." 

(570) 275-9292


Lucy’s Kitchen and Catering

Classic Italian cuisine.

(570) 594-8134


Kurian’s Catering

Traditional comfort food with an especially great pig roast.

(570) 784-7507 




A fine food truck. "The goal of our truck is to bring our passion and restaurant quality food to the streets so that customers can enjoy fast and delicious food without the hassle of having to wait at a restaurant.We are always adding different items to our menu which include different homemade aioli's to expand the culinary journey of our food truck."

(484) 548-0544



Sukhadia Caterers

Delicious, authentic Indian food.

(908) 222-0069





We specialize in home cooked items just like mom used to make. You can expect to see a variety of healthy options like salads and vegetarian dishes on a regular basis. We also provide Catering Services for large or small gatherings. 

(570) 784-2626



S.A.C. Lunches

Bloomsburg-based food truck specializing in Mexican and Asian cuisines as well as any other great food! A former Pump House bride says: "I ate SAC Lunches at Taming of the Brew in Bloomsburg and it was nothing short of spectacular. . . .All equally delicious dishes with excellent service. Can't wait to catch the truck and guys again!"

(570) 441-3115


Dida's Incredible Edibles

(570) 759-3432

14-Acre Farm

"Our top quality farm-to-table catering service cooks simply the best sustainable local food around. We use our own produce whenever possible, and have a great working relationship with several other farmers in the area."

(610) 509-6829



Emma's Food for Life

"Our partnership with Sunnyside Farm, the farm run by Emma herself, as well as other local farms and gardens, allows us to obtain ingredients that are seasonal and fresh. All of our pork comes from nitrate free pasture-raised pigs. Our beef comes from grass-fed cattle, and our poultry and eggs are free-range."

 (570) 374-0178


Elizabeth's Bistro

"Our practice is to serve the freshest seasonal, local and organic produce. We keep health in mind, as well as artistic flare, as we create dishes with passion and care. Along with careful attention, we invest great pride in our craft. Pastas, hearty artisanal breads, and desserts are made daily in-house."  

(570) 523-8088



Peculiar Culinary Co.

"The mission and vision of Peculiar Culinary Company is to take what is local and seasonal to create something a little bit different. We love to push the envelope and get people to try new things. Most importantly everything is made from scratch. Even if it is something simple for a small catered event, we put the same passion into everything that we do. We say our food is “Peculiar” or a little bit different. Maybe the dish doesn’t sound too different, but it might be in the preparation or some of the ingredients used. We like to put our Peculiar twist on everything that we do."

(570) 947-2548


Townside Garden Café

Classic homestyle cuisine. Locally sourced. 

(570) 473-2233




Balzano's Italian Kitchen

Classic Italian cuisine; tasty, fresh, and authentic.

(570) 317-2704


Seidel's Mardi Gras

Seidel's specializes in cajun-style cuisine, including seafood, steaks, and more!  

(570) 275-2215



"Taza means "fresh" in Arabic, which is exactly what our food is. Egyptian and Egyptian-inspired cuisine, made fresh every day from whole ingredients with no preservatives! Tim and Hala serve their fresh Egyptian cuisine with beef and chicken options that are all certified halal (all natural diet, no hormones or antibiotics), as well as several naturally vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free main dishes, sides, and desserts!"

(484) 661-6914



        Edith's Kitchen

"Our philosophy is very simple, we love small towns and small business.  We try to utilize local vendors whenever possible and aim to give our guests an experience that big chains can't.  Small, mom and pop places have way more character and charm...and we like it like that!"

(570) 275-1414


Big Dan's BBQ and Catering

If you're looking for some of the best ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken, then look no further.  Big Dan's BBQ has what you're looking for.  Our meats are slow smoked over apple wood for that great smokey flavor and melt in your mouth tenderness.  We don't take shortcuts, and we don't skimp on quality.  We serve good BBQ food.  Period.  

(570) 500-2421


Forno Bova

Give your guests something to talk about & drool over. Goodbye boring wedding food! We'll come to your reception or party, set up the oven, and craft beautifully charred, delicately cheesy fresh pizza. We love to serve pizza buffet style -- you choose your four favorite pizzas from our menu or bring your own ideas.  Your guests will be able to enjoy slices of each.

(717) 814-8128


Cakes & Desserts

Nanny Cakes

(570) 336-3099



(570) 784-1708


Rita's Italian Ice

(570) 380-7515

Bella’s Bliss Bakery

(570) 765-1802


Linda Lou’s Cakes and Candies

(570) 380-5596


Heeter's Ice Cream Truck

(570) 394-8413                                                                     

Drinks & Bartending

Freas Farm Winery

           (570) 752-WINE

Drink and be Married

(570) 854-5332

Catawissa Bottling Co.

(570) 356-2301


Shay's Bartending Service

(570) 951-6135

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We suggest scheduling tastings with your prospective caterers! At the Pump House, you're free to hire the vendors of your choosing for all of your wedding needs. However, if you need a starting point, this list represents some of the best and most popular vendors we've worked with previously. We recommend exploring all of your options to  match your vision for your big day.