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JBM Tent Rentals

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Towne Camera Photobooth Rentals

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Monzie's Floral Design

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Zanolini Nursery

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Marika Handakas, M. Div.

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PA laws regarding who may officiate at weddings have changed, but are still a bit vague. A person calling themselves a Minister should be able to demonstrate that they have a congregation. Dr. Handakas has the proper degree M.Div. - but does not preach to a congregation. You will have gotten a disclaimer when you apply for your Marriage License at your local court house that states that if anyone objects to your wedding, they may do so. According to our local Prothonotary’s Office, this has never happened, but we don’t want you to lack any information.

Marika Handakas, LCSW, MDiv, PsyD

At the Pump House, you're free to hire the vendors of your choosing for all of your wedding needs. However, if you need a starting point, this list represents some of the best and most popular vendors we've worked with previously. We recommend exploring all of your options to  match your vision for your big day.